Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Paul McClelland-The St. Louis Years (1989-1990)

1. Don't Leave Me This Way (P. McClelland) 
2. It Goes a Lot Deeper Than That (P. McClelland) 
3. Straying Too Far From My Home (P. McClelland) 
4. It's Not Too Late to Seek Salvation (P. McClelland) 
5. I Ain't Believing I'm Leaving (P. McClelland) 
6. Raining on My Heart (P. McClelland) 
7. It's Not Serious Anymore (P. McClelland) 
8. Might Be Love (might be something worse) (T. Henry-P. McClelland) 
9. Keeping Our Love Alive (P. McClelland) 
10. Siberian Expresee (1989) (P. McClelland) 
11. I Can't Remember What Happened Last Night (P. McClelland) 
12. Cigarette Bum (P. McClelland) 
13. Too Many Things Left to be Done (P. McClelland) 
14. Stanky Dog (P. McClelland) 
15. Only a Dream Away (P. McClelland) 
16. Impossible to Know (P. McClelland) 

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