Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Paul McClelland-The Rogers Ave. Sessions (full album)-2004

01. Verona
02. Things Are Looking Good Again
03. Let's Get lost
04. What You Want That I Ain't Got
05 We're Alike in Many Ways
06. Party at the Trailer park
07. Island Lady
08. I'll Look Back Tomorrow
09. Moonlight Ramble
10. Down Down Down Down Down Down Down
all songs written, performed, mixed and mastered by Paul McClelland.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Griffin McClelland- A St. Patrick's day Souvenir-(spring, 2004)

1. Bogie's Bonnie Belle 

2. The Croppy Boy 

3. Song for Ireland 

4. The Wild Rover 

5. Muirshin Durkin 

6. The Nobleman's Wedding 

7. Love is Teasing 

8. The Rambler from Clare 

9. The Star of the County Down 

10. Raglan Road 

11. My Match it was made 

12. Rose Connolly 

13. The Wind and Rain 

14. The Foggy Dew 

15. Danny Boy 

16. Carrickfergus 

17. The Rose of Tralee 

18. The Patriot Game 

19. Kilkelly

All songs performed by Susan Griffin and Paul McClelland
All songs arranged, mixed and mastered by PMcC

Friday, February 24, 2017

Paul McClelland-Crescent City Chronicles (full album) 2006

01 Vieux Carre Days
02 On The West Bank
03 Goin Bout My Own Business
04 Up Magazine Tonight/ Go To The Mardi Gras
05 Scenes From New Orleans
06 Midnight In Metairie
07 Dem Shoes
08 Ain't Nothing Clean (about New Orleans)
09 Goodbye New Orleans
10 What It Means To Lose Orleans

All songs written (except "Go To The Mardi Gras" written by Prof. Longhair) and performed by Paul McClelland
All song arranged, mixed and mastered by PMcC

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Paul McClelland-SoundForest (full album) 2007

01 SoundForest
02 Motionless Muse
03 Awakening
04 Quiet Conversation
05 Foundation
06 Procession
07 Meditation
08 Garden of Glass
09 Temporal Waveforms
10 Sonic Entity
11 Be Well
12 In the Garden
13 Penny Candles

All songs written, performed, mixed and mastered by Paul McClelland 2007

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Paul McClelland-Atmospheric Conditions (full album) 2006

01 Dark Cloud
02 Blue Mist
03 Storm Path
04 The Wind's Embrace
05 H2O
06 Clear Blue Sky/Storm
07 Between Earth and Air
08 Clouds on a Thursday
09 Midnight Storm
10 Lightning Piece/Cold Front

written, performed, mixed and mastered by Paul McClelland.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Paul McClelland-Wingin' It (full album) 2005

01. The World's 911
02. Permanent Love
03. St. Swithin's Day
04. Panhandler Blues
05. Get Up and Dance
06. Brand New day (never been used)
07. It's Christmas Time Again/Christmas By the Sea
08. I Think I'll Do Nothing Today
09. I Want to be Happy
10. Why Try
11. Down River Way

All songs written and performed by Paul McClelland
All song arranged, mixed and mastered by PMcC

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Paul McClelland-1st Degree Burns (a tribute to Robert Burns) (Winter, 2008)

01. Scots, Wha' Hae
02. Ye Banks and Braes O' Bonny Doon
03. McPherson's Lament
04. The Winter it is Past
05. Wantonness
06. Silver Tassie
07. Now, Westlin Winds
08. Jamie, Come Try Me
09. Coming Thru the Rye
10. Dainty Davey
11. My Wife's a Wanton Wee Thing
12. Ye Jacobites by Name
13. Green Grow the Rushes-O
14. Auld Lang Syne
words and music by Robert Burns--(25 January 1759 – 21 July 1796) (also known as Rabbie Burns, Scotland's favourite son, the Ploughman Poet, Robden of Solway Firth, the Bard of Ayrshire and in Scotland as simply The Bard) was a Scottish poet and a lyricist. He is widely regarded as the national poet of Scotland, and is celebrated worldwide. He is the best known of the poets who have written in the Scots language, although much of his writing is also in English and a "light" Scots dialect, accessible to an audience beyond Scotland. He also wrote in standard English, and in these his political or civil commentary is often at its most blunt.

The beauty and scope of his poetry is personally astounding. For instance, in "The Winter it is Past", Burns addresses the age old question of never being able to predict the opposite sex:
"My love is like the sun in the firmament does run,
forever constant and true,
but her's is like the moon that wanders up and doon,
and every month it is new."
...and in one verse of "Green Grow the Rushes O", not only does he state that the Almighty Creator is in fact a woman, but "her practice hand, she tried on Man, then she made the lasses-o"
(Creating Man, a practice round. The Lasses, perfection.)

Two of the most important contributions from Burns is, 1st and foremost, his lyrics, which are among the most beautiful in the English language, addressing with precision such diverse topics as love, loss, societal status, slavery and the charms of nature. (Not to mention the erotic and quite bawdy verses in the little known collection "The Merry Muses of Caledonia")
But his 2nd contribution is that of a musical archivist. Burns would attach his lovely words to older Scottish airs, and in doing so, preserved the ancient melodies which otherwise might have been lost over time.

With all of this in mind, this collection of my favorite Robert Burns tunes came about in the late 90's, using my 4-track multitrack tape recorder. It was remastered in the winter of 2008 in time for what was to be the Bard's 250th birthday commemoration. Please enjoy often.