Thursday, August 8, 2019

Paul McClelland-"Through the Looking Glass" (a soundtrack)-2019

1) Looking Glass House
2) The Garden of Live Flowers
3) Looking Glass Insects
4) Tweedledum and Tweedledee
5) Wool and Water
6) Humpty Dumpty
7) The Lion and the Unicorn
8) It's my Own Invention
9) Queen Alice
10) Shaking/Waking
11) Which Dreamed it?

All songs written, performed and produced by Paul McClelland spring 2019

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Paul McClelland-12 (full album) Winter 2018

1) Negotiations 2) Memory Problems 3) Winter Night 4) What's Behind the Smile 5) Wonderful 6) Yassar Dhatsma Bebe 7) I Know the World's Turning 8) The Transition Begins 9) It's an Incredible Thing 10) Sea Sections 11) Downtown is Moving Outta Town 12) Negotiations Continue all songs written, performed and produced by Paul McClelland

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Paul McClelland-Blues Over Bibb Co.-(summer, 1999)

1. Crossroads Blues (**listen**)
2. Hootchie Cootchie Man (**listen**)
3. Motherless Child (**listen**)
4. Before You Accuse Me (**listen**)
5. I'm Tore Down (**listen**)
6. Better Off with the Blues (**listen**)
7. Midnight Special (**listen**)
8. Prison Blues Come Down on Me (**listen**)
9. It Hurts Me Too (**listen**)
10. Third Degree (**listen**)
11. Stool Pigeon Blues (**listen**)
12. Trouble in Mind (**listen**)
13. You Gotta Move (**listen**)

Monday, April 1, 2019

Paul McClelland-From the Vaults, Vol.1 (1991-1998)

1. I Appreciate You (P. McClelland) 2. Downtrodden (P. McClelland) 3. Clear (P. McClelland) 4. 4 o' Clock (P. McClelland) 5. Full Moon Over a One Horse Town (P. McClelland) 6. The Throes of Aphrodite (P. McClelland) 7. Pessimistic Man (P. McClelland) 8. Times (P. McClelland) 9. All Cut Up (P. McClelland) 10. You're There, I'm Here (P. McClelland) 11. Runnin' Blues (P. McClelland) 12. Good Love Gone Bad (P. McClelland) 13. Alley Cat (T. Henry-P. McClelland) 14. Give the Young Man his Little Prize (P. McClelland) 15. Pawnshop (P. McClelland) All songs performed and produced by PMcC. All songs written by PMcC except "Alleycat" written by T Henry-P.McClelland

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Paul McClelland-From the Vaults, Vol. 2 (1991-1998)

1. She Just Happened to Me (P. McClelland)
2. 99 Degrees (P. McClelland)
3. From the Frying Pan into the Fire (P. McClelland)
4. Dangerous (P. McClelland)
5. Chosen One (P. McClelland)
6. Drop Me Off Lemme Kill My Wife (P. McClelland)
7. Subsidize These Bums (P. McClelland)
8. Pacific Ocean (P. McClelland)
9. Leave Me (P. McClelland)
10. Laugh When You're Down (T. Henry-P. McClelland)
11. Workin' On It (P. McClelland)
12. Bored (P. McClelland)
13. Carribean Green (P. McClelland)
14. Columbus, MS, Middle of July (P. McClelland)
15. Where Is She Now (P. McClelland)
16. You Ain't Had Love (P. McClelland)
17. Atlantic Ocean (P. McClelland)
18. Mississippi Moon on the Water (P. McClelland)