Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Paul McClelland-Rock and Roll Reading Room-2006-(full album)

Music from the 50's and 60's, lovingly and faithfully re-created by Paul, with Susan Griffin-vocals, Paul McClelland and Barry Thomson, backing track on "Then He Kissed Me". The image in the video is a picture of Thomas Edison's sound lab from the 1890's, technically, the worlds 1st recording studio.
 1. Queen of Hearts
2. I've Been Everywhere
3. I Knew The Bride (when she used to rock and roll)
4. Early In The Morning
5. Mystery Train
6. I'm Broke
7. 20 Flight Rock
8. Summertime Blues
9. Then He Kissed Me
10. Here Come The Weekend
11. Rocket 88
12. Not Fade Away

Friday, May 27, 2016

Out On A Limb-Paul McClelland (2002)-Full Album

Here are the 1st group of songs recorded after receiving the Tascam multitrack (8 track) workstation.

1. Out On a Limb
2. I Met This Woman
3. Fat Women Smoking On The Corner
4. Hillbilly Love Song
5. Swank Betty
6. It's A Happy Day
7. All You Can Eat
8. Sad Cow
9. Just Missed The Train
10. Don't Need No Misunderstanding
11. In My Mind And Memory
12. Where The Blue Meets the Blue
13. My Love And Me
14. Coal Fire Creek
15. Ups And Downs
16. Sun Sea & Sand

all songs written, performed, arranged and produced by Paul McClelland. Re-sequenced.
Susan Griffin-background vocals on "Out On A Limb"
John Henry-drums, guitar, organ, vocals on "Just Missed The Train"

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Music for a Dark Cosmos (full album)-Paul McClelland-2008

Ambient music to enjoy as you journey between galaxies.
All sound textures by Paul McClelland-2008

1. Andromeda Galaxy
2. Tarantula Nebula
3. Flame Nebula
4. Galactic Center
5. Orion
6. Vacuum
7. RCW-38
8. Lifestorm
9. Motion
10. Moons of Saturn
11. Ethereal Dreamscape
12. The Sun Warms Everything
13. Nibiru

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Paul McClelland-Pop Pointillism-(2010)-Full Album

It is my understanding that Pointillism, in the art world, is defined as a series of colored dots arranged in such a way, that when one stands back from the individual dots, a complete picture appears. The title "Pop Pointillism" came to me during the recording of this collection of tunes, because it was recorded in quite that way..dozens of sections of music, each recorded individually, with their own color and shading, and once the editing within each song is done, and one stands back, notices that out of many sections comes a complete song.
In most sections of a song, the edits are seamless, thanks to today's advanced aural technology. In other places, the edits are obvious. (intentionally so). you won't be able to count them all, but there are many.
Susan: "Did you mean to put all of those bells and all of the chiming effects in these songs?"
Paul: "Yes"
Every sound is an intentional effect. Chiming effects, bells, harpsichord, music boxes, glockenspiel, and a new-found love for cello and timpani. This is a keyboard-based effort, and my first in so many many years. The only stringed instruments are the bass guitar throughout the collection and the ukelele on "Little Note Lullaby". Everything else is a sound texture coming from the Roland keyboard or the Roland and Korg modules.
This "modular" way of recording music was popularized and mastered by Brian Wilson in the mid-60's, and once again brought to my attention over the past couple of years by the UK's Stephen Newcombe, who has taken this approach to mixing and arranging music and expanded on it with amazing results. I would like to thank Stephen , pop magician that he is, for his continued inspiration.

1. Hello Cello
2. You Come To Me
3. I Feel Love
4. In No Hurry
5. It's A Very Sad Heart
6. Would You Like To Go To The Circus, Anna
7. Little Note Lullaby
8. There Is Only Time 
9. Empty Is
10. We Do Miss You
11. It Makes me Sore
12. Bonne Nuit

all songs written, performed, arranged and produced by Paul McClelland. Re-sequenced.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Paul McClelland-The Gimcrack Miscellany-(Full Album)-2011

 You could probably call this collection "Pop Pointillism Vol 2"  Still very heavy on the
chiming effects, bells, harpsichord, music boxes, glockenspiel, cello and timpani. This is a keyboard-based effort, although much more guitar is moved into the mixes than the previous collection.

1. Heavy Storm Today
2. Morning Stars
3. Child of the Dawn
4. I wanted you to Know
5. Misery and Joy
6. Part of Me, Part of You
7. Bogue Chitto
8. Sometimes I feel I've Lost my Way
9. Dreams Continue On
10. Robin Meade
11. What That Noise Be
12. Insanity
13. I'm Getting By
all songs written, performed, arranged and produced by Paul McClelland. Re-sequenced.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Paul McClelland-Poke The Bear (full album)-2012

 It is a cruel trick of fate that Mad Apple, a musical band with so much talent and potential, only created one CD that remains largely unpurchased, unheard and unnoticed by the general public.

In an effort to capture the vibe and spirit of his former band, Paul McClelland has put together a collection of songs called "Poke the Bear", available for listening. This 12 song collection was written by Paul, with all instruments and vocals overdubbed by Paul McClelland using the 24 track technology in his home studio in Macon, GA. Paul also handled the arrangements, mixing and final mastering for all songs, as well. The sessions started in winter, 2011 and continued into the spring of 2012, with final recordings taking place May 18th, 2012.

1. Poke the Bear
2. Baby Appease Me
3. No Regrets
4. Choppin and Hidin'
5. Clementine Violet
6. Acquired Taste
7. Cry Street
8. Your Loving Ways
9. A Strange Sense of Home
10. Silhouettes
11. Don't Discourage Me
12. All Kinds of People

all songs written, performed, arranged and produced by Paul McClelland. Re-sequenced.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Paul McClelland-Vandals at the Gates of Reason-(2013-2014)

1. Vandals at the Gates of Reason
2. Wolf at your Door
3. Noise
4. The Sad Parade
5. There's a Big Storm Comin'
6. I think I'll Shoot Someone
7. It's the 21st Century
8. The Colors of the Stars
9. Fractured City
10. Blossoming Spring
11. Short Wave

all songs written, performed, arranged and produced by Paul McClelland. Re-sequenced.