Sunday, November 16, 2014

Paul McClelland-The Colors of the Stars (Fall, 2014)

Not much writing and recording took place during 2014. I did manage to lay down the following tracks, which is the 1st full collection of songs recorded in the Birmingham AL home studio. It started off as an ambient instrumental group of songs, and as a result, Portal and Soft Rain were the 1st tracks recorded. I gradually shifted focus, and this became more of a collection of songs with music AND words, but all I had were a dozen or so 'song snippets' hanging around, so I tied them all together and recorded the collection you hear below. All songs written and all instruments and vocals by Paul McClelland using the 24 track Tascam workstation.

1. The Colors of the Stars
2. Fractured City
3. Portal
4. The Park
5. Blossoming Spring
6. Soft Rain
7. What Am I Gonna Do
8. UFO (Unidentified Falling Object)
9. The Apocalypse Song
10. Short Wave


Monday, June 16, 2014

Paul McClelland-A Henry-McClelland Songbook. (Spring, 2014)

1) Can You Remember 2) Rubber Check 3) Laugh When You're Down 4) Hangin on to Something (That ain't Something Anymore) 5) Sandy 6) It Ain't All Bad 7) Alley Cat 8) The Fat Man 9) Rachella ...All songs written by T. Henry-P. McClelland ---All songs performed by P. McClelland


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Vandals At The Gates Of Reason-Paul McClelland (spring, 2013)

This collection has a darker tone than the usual musical fare, as the words and music try to describe my feelings on the slow but steady decay of societal civilization and the human condition's fall from moral and ethical grace. It also took longer to record and mix than other collections. From songs about overly accessible electronic media, terrorist threats on the horizon and shooting people for instant 'celebrity' to lost feelings and ideals and a world moving too fast for many millions to keep up with, these compositions describe people not only doing the wrong things for the wrong reasons, but in some cases, the right things for the wrong reasons, as well. All songs written, performed and produced in the home studio by Paul McClelland.

1. Vandals at the Gates of Reason
2. Wolf at your Door
3. Can't See the Forest, Too Many Trees
4. Noise
5. The Sad Parade
6. There's a Big Storm Coming
7. Everybody Needs Something to Believe In
8. I Think I'll Shoot Someone
9. Reason from the Ruin
10. It's the 21st Century