Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Paul McClelland-Valley of Silence (Celtic sessions from 1995,)

These sessions represent my 1st interests in Celtic music, and in 1995, I began the research and recording of dozens of Scottish and Irish traditional melodies. This was before the internet was widely used, so if I wanted clarification on lyrics or melodies, the public library was a primary resource. Looking through the recorded archives deciding what tunes to clean up and re-master, I found over 2 hours of recorded Celtic melodies, much more than would fit in a single collection, so these sessions are spread out over 2 volumes. They are mainly Scottish tunes, but many Irish tunes make an appearance, as well. In 1995, my 'home studio' consisted of a small Yamaha synthesizer, a Gibson acoustic guitar, a microphone, a Peavey mixer and a 4 track cassette multi-track recorder. My M.O. in those days was to learn the song, record it and its parts as quickly as possible, and move on to the next song, unfortunately, a few mistakes were left in to haunt me many years down the road, but on the plus side, there is an informal feel to these collections, and I hope you enjoy listening as I re-discover this  music from 1995. This is "Valley of Silence"

1. Bonny Portmore (scottish)
2. Carrickfergus (irish)
3. Geordie MacLeish (scottish)
4. I'll Tell Me Ma (irish)
5. Courtyard Lullaby (irish)
6. My Lagan Love (irish)
7. Larry O Gaff (irish)
8. Mairi's Wedding (scottish)
9. If I Was a Blackbird (scottish)
10. My Match It Was Made (irish)
11. Raglan Road (irish)
12. Valley of Silence (scottish)
13. She Moved Through the Fair (irish)
14. The Silkie of Sule Skerry (scottish)
15. Wild Mountain Thyme (scottish)

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Griffin-McClelland-Other People's Songs, Vol. 2 (full album)-(2005)

01. Paranoia Blues (P. Simon)
02. The Sins of Memphisto (J. Prine)
03. Down By The River (N. Young)
04. Mrs. Robinson (P. Simon)
05. Promises (E. Clapton)
06. Don't Think Twice, It's Alright (B. Dylan)
07. Angel (S. McLachlan)
08. Nobody Told Me (J. Lennon)
09. One After 909 (Lennon-McCartney)
10. Cry on my Shoulder (B. Raitt)
11. Tennessee Stud (trad)
12. Tomorrow is a Long Time (B. Dylan)

all vocals, instruments by Susan Griffin and Paul McClelland

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Griffin-McClelland-Other People's Songs (full album) 2005

01. Freedom Is Coming (trad)
 02. Across The Universe (Lennon-McCartney)
 03. Dream a Little Dream Of Me
 04. Me and Julio Down By The Schoolyard (P. Simon)
 05. April Come She Will (P. Simon)
 06. The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (G. Lightfoot)
 07. Someday Soon (I. Tyson)
 08. Talk About Suffering (trad)
 09. Beautiful (G. Lightfoot)
 10. 4 + 20 (S. Stills)
 11. Song of Bernadette (L. Cohen)
 12. Mornin' Blues (trad)
 Instruments, vocals-Susan Griffin, Paul McClelland. Piano on ""Song Of Bernadette"-Meg Montgomery. Produced by Paul McClelland.


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Paul McClelland-The Rogers Ave. Sessions (full album)-2004

01. Verona
02. Things Are Looking Good Again
03. Let's Get lost
04. What You Want That I Ain't Got
05 We're Alike in Many Ways
06. Party at the Trailer park
07. Island Lady
08. I'll Look Back Tomorrow
09. Moonlight Ramble
10. Down Down Down Down Down Down Down
all songs written, performed, mixed and mastered by Paul McClelland.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Griffin McClelland- A St. Patrick's day Souvenir-(spring, 2004)

1. Bogie's Bonnie Belle 

2. The Croppy Boy 

3. Song for Ireland 

4. The Wild Rover 

5. Muirshin Durkin 

6. The Nobleman's Wedding 

7. Love is Teasing 

8. The Rambler from Clare 

9. The Star of the County Down 

10. Raglan Road 

11. My Match it was made 

12. Rose Connolly 

13. The Wind and Rain 

14. The Foggy Dew 

15. Danny Boy 

16. Carrickfergus 

17. The Rose of Tralee 

18. The Patriot Game 

19. Kilkelly

All songs performed by Susan Griffin and Paul McClelland
All songs arranged, mixed and mastered by PMcC

Friday, February 24, 2017

Paul McClelland-Crescent City Chronicles (full album) 2006

01 Vieux Carre Days
02 On The West Bank
03 Goin Bout My Own Business
04 Up Magazine Tonight/ Go To The Mardi Gras
05 Scenes From New Orleans
06 Midnight In Metairie
07 Dem Shoes
08 Ain't Nothing Clean (about New Orleans)
09 Goodbye New Orleans
10 What It Means To Lose Orleans

All songs written (except "Go To The Mardi Gras" written by Prof. Longhair) and performed by Paul McClelland
All song arranged, mixed and mastered by PMcC